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Monday, October 06, 2003

I'm seven weeks. Hospitals, ER visits, insanity. Bleeding last night. Thought maybe miscarriage, but the bleeding stopped, and I'm still puking right along. I haven't eaten food in 11 days. Still not drinking. Still on home IVs. Losing weight (8 pounds so far). If I can't eat soon, if I lose 14 more pounds, I will have to go on a PICC line. This will be fed into a vein in my elbow, threaded up this vein, around my shoulder and down into my chest about two inches from my heart. This will drip feeding solution into my bloodstream and keep me and the baby from starving to death. It can cause serious problems, so I'm not looking forward to it, but I have to try to survive.

Ptyalism is here for the first time: I can't swallow my own spit or I vomit. I have to spit in a cup all day long. Ah, the joys of lying in a bed, vomiting while peeing and pooping on myself (I puke that hard) all while collecting a big cup of smelly viscid spit! All pregnant women envy me.

Can't write more now. Feeling too bad.

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