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Monday, December 29, 2003

I have a sore throat. My eyes are dry and itchy. Oh yes, and I caught ringworm in the hospital. A nurse with cats? I now have a silver dollar sized splotch on my arm. Itchy, itchy. I was putting tea tree oil on it for a few days but then I started seeing internet warnings against it. Warnings without elaboration. Anyone out there know what the deal is on that? What does it supposedly do that can be harmful during pregnancy? Besides stink to high heaven.

Little Bit kicked so hard a couple of times this morning that she made me laugh! Boom. BOOM! She was pitching some kind of fit. She may have been asking for root beer, because when she got it she simmered down.

My beets are decaying in the veggie drawer. I haven't had the heart (or the nerve) to ask hubby to prepare them. I guess I'll have to pee pink some other time.

Someone from church made me a tray of coconut balls covered in chocolate. They go good with root beer. Little Bit will be born with rotten teeth and the shakes.

If I get one more Paris Hilton spam I'm going to have to hook back up to the Zofran pump. Yuck!

That Chinese food went down very well the other night. I am craving veggies lately. Probably due to the ringworm. Body, heal thyself! I think I should cut down on dairy, because of the calcium and the rumors that it helps to form blood clots. I'll ask Dr. Keanu, who will think I'm crazy.

I go for an appointment this week. I will ask lots of questions about nothing while pretending I am not actually on the receiving end of the pelvic he is sure to perform.

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