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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Picky PICC Pics
(Added 2004; click to enlarge):

PICC 1: The line feeds up the vein in the arm and rests approximately two inches from the heart opening. If you look through the tape, you can see kind of a lot of bruising from blown veins from so many IVs. Notice also the drink tray holding the ptyalism cup. YUCK!

PICC 2: Four days later I needed another PICC due to phlebitis resulting from an allergic reaction to line material. You’ll notice more bruising and a cluster of failed insertion attempts that kind of looks like a black dot right above the crease in my elbow. This complication was due to dehydration that resulted from my HMO caseworker's refusal to approve a mechanical pump, which is necessary with a PICC—another battle. Notice also the Zofran pump catheter stuck in my tattooed thigh. Unfortunately, I was sitting on the actual pump so it is under my big, fat butt in the picture.

PICC 3: Another PICC line due to allergy to the material in the line. The allergy was discovered and a new line type was used for this one. I loved this PICC so much I would have married it. It lasted about a month before I got an apparent staph infection in the line, and they had to pull it, necessitating another PICC line, number 4, which I lost the picture of. Notice the fabric on my arm. It's actually one of hubby's tube socks with the ends cut off. These things make primo PICC covers. I slid it down so you could see the PICC.

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