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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Went to the doctor's today. Dr. Keanu seemed genuinely encouraged by my overall wellbeing. I asked him about the pneumatic compression device, and after he was done laughing he informed me that it might be a tad on the overkill side. He said if I were using a bedpan then he might prescribe it. Then he scolded me about not doing my leg/foot exercises in bed, which I deserved. Then the pelvic came. I closed my eyes and thought about squirrels.

Squirrels in the yard.
Squirrels eating corn.
Squirrels climbing trees.
Squirrels, squirrels, not pelvics but squirrels!!!


He is going to watch my puffiness. Today is the last day of steroids, so the "swelling" should start going down a little or at least not get any worse. My husband told Dr. Keanu that he thought it had less to do with the pills and more to do with the truckloads of food I eat while lying in bed all day. Thank you, dear husband.

The walls in that office are shockingly thin. You can hear everything that is going on in the other rooms. My husband had me dying laughing while we were waiting for the doctor. I'm a loud laugher too. I get obnoxious; I snort and everything. I told him to knock it off or the baby would shoot out. He couldn't help himself. Everything was hilarious. That whole office must have thought we were lunatics. Dr. Keanu said he had another couple in today that reminded him of us. The woman is 36 weeks pregnant, and the husband got bored waiting for the doc, so he whipped out a magic marker and started drawing faces on his wife's big, pregnant belly. I want to meet this couple.

Before we went back to our exam room, the nurse gave us stickies upon which to write our questions. While we were waiting in the room I tried to get the hubby to give me a sticky. I was going to draw a big circle on it with a slash through it and stick it on my Underoos to ward off the pelvic. My husband said we weren't in high school.

We heard Stinkerbell's heartbeat. Nice and strong. Rapid thump-thumping, tiny and perfect. Human and alive. Someone's sister, granddaughter, cousin, niece, child...

Afterwards we got gyros. It is pronounced "year-ohs," but my husband says "Jie-rohs," which makes me giggle. They were gross. Lettuce is no longer agreeing with me. Just the thought of it makes me sick. I'd rather eat dirt. Or acorns. Or squirrels.

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