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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Hello, all. Elise has started hiccupping. I could feel it for the first time the day before yesterday. For those who wonder what that's like, it's a steady, rhythmic pulsing. It's adorable and very human. Roe v. Wade says Elise is not a human but a mass of tissue. A mass of hiccupping tissue. They know better. We all do. Even Roe herself now opposes abortion. But it’s still happening. Right now someone Elise’s age is being aborted. My God, what are we doing?

Elise was very quiet yesterday. It was one of those slow days. After not feeling any movement for three or so hours, I sort of started to worry. The moment my son came home from school and said, "Hi, Mom," Tummy Lumpkin did a somersault.

"Oh boy, my big brother's home!"

There is a five-year difference between them, but I hope they will be close. Maybe it will be easier for them because they will be homeschooled.

Again with the Potty Talk
Sorry to broach this subject again; I know you all are getting sick of it. But I have to tell you that my husband forgot to dump the bedside yesterday morning before going to work. To keep it short and relatively sweet let me just say P.U. It was cosmic justice for the asparagus episode the other day. Waves of yellow stench wafted around the room and I became desperate. The prospect of lying here in this room all day with that was pretty unthinkable. I tried to think of someone I could call for such a dastardly job. Funny thing is, I thought of at least six people I could ask. There's a saying that if you can count five true friends then you're lucky. Lucky is one thing, but you know you are blessed when you can count more than five people who would come into your smelly room and dump out a stinky bucket of all-night pee. Thank you, God, for the pee dumpers in my life!

I won't say the name of the person who came yesterday to relieve me (no pun intended), but she's a bright girl, and I told her I'd give her props in today's entry. So here you go, friend! Your efforts literally went to waste, and I thank you very much for that! You can count on me to dump your stinky pee pot if ever urine need.

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