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Monday, January 26, 2004

This is one of the crucial weeks. Week 24. Day one. This is the ever elusive "viability week.” "Viability" is a term often so creatively defined that it has virtually lost all meaning. Yet my pregnancy book says this is the viability week. If we can make it through this week, Elise will have a chance of surviving. She would most likely have severe handicaps (i.e., special needs for the politically correct set) but she's got a shot at life! 44% by some accounts.

So pray us through this week and more, people. Pray because I have been feeling "funny,” and that is never good. For the E.R. watchers who can handle graphic descriptions:

A big blob of mucus on the tissue yesterday and "loose" stool today. Let's hope it's a fluke. A big yucky fluke.

She has been sleeping pretty much all morning. Last night she squirmed so that I started getting motion sickness from her movement! Her daddy comes in and talks to her sometimes and she will stop whatever she is doing to listen. It is funny. She literally stops with his voice and starts moving again when he's quiet. This one is a daddy's girl for sure.

Lots and lots of hiccups.

I enjoy the rest when she is still, but I worry. I don't want her to be still-still! So now of course I'm thinking she's dead because it has been an hour. Ow! A nice little reminder that all is well. Ahhhh...

I have never known the luxury of a confident pregnancy. And I never will. That's a bit upsetting. Alas.

Big Punkin Butt came in here last night and crawled under the covers that the "baw head dog" (hairless cat) had been under for hours. Big PB stuck his head out and said "PU! It smells like Kitty's underpitts in here!" Now I'm thinking of marketing kitty roll-on. Just kidding. My kid makes me laugh—what can I say?

OK, boring entry. I told you it was going to get like this. That's why I don't often post.

I go to the doctor's tomorrow. I should be getting steroid injections in the near future. These will hopefully improve Elise's chances, because they stimulate lung function, and that is a biggie in preemies.

Well, I've got to go and watch back-to-back episodes of A Baby Story on TLC, so the moms can all talk about how surprisingly wonderful pregnancy is, and I can cry when they pop their little purple babies out. I always bawl when I see a baby being born. I'm a sucker. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow. Same time, same channel.

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