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Monday, February 09, 2004

I am 25 weeks. This is officially the first day of the 26th week! I go to Dr. Keanu on Thursday, and I will have the option of beginning corticosteroids at that time. Four shots over a 24-hour period. Should I do it? Feel free to weigh in on the decision. Do you know something that I don't? Tell me!

Eating is getting better! To illustrate this I ate half a bag of Baken-ets hot and spicy pork rinds last night and am salivating now as I look at the half-full bag. I may see the glass half-empty, but a bag of pork-rinds is always half full. Mmm, pork rinds!

Look at them just sitting there mocking me. They know I can't eat them until noon. That's my rule. If I wait until noon I can convince myself that I'm not really an addict and that I can control it and quit anytime I want to.

FYI, the proper southern pronunciation for "pork rinds" is "poke-rhines."

Baken-ets. I mention the brand name, because there is no other pork rind worthy of being eaten. Oh, I have sampled many a rind, my friends, but Baken-ets is far superior to any other, and I’m willing to have a fist fight with anyone who doesn't think so.

You know, I could just have one now and then the rest at noon. ARG! No! Even though I could, I mustn't! I am master of the pork rind, not the other way around. The Bible says I must not let the pork rind make me its slave. (Somewhere in 1 Corinthians. Chapter six, I think.) I must resist the pork rind! Only 40 more minutes and then it's hog heaven. Ungh!

What will I do until then? Oh! I know! I'll eat some peanut butter cookies. Coooookies! Peanut butter cookies and pork rinds. Elvis would be proud.

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