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Friday, February 06, 2004

I don't know what is going on with me, because I am just getting better with this cold/flu thing, yet still I had another bizarre "panic attack" last night. My heart was beating a million miles a minute and I couldn't tell if that was causing the weird anxiety or if the weird anxiety was causing the racing heartbeat. Whatever it is, it SUCKS. It can have a tendency to happen right when I'm falling asleep. Does anyone know of any medical condition that would cause such symptoms? Or is it sheer lunacy?

I am currently getting kicked in the cervix. Do you even know what this feels like? Stay away from the trap door, baby!

It is storming here. I have been obsessively watching TV to determine what Friday's weather will be. If it is as bad as this I don't let my little boy go over to his grandparents, because I just know they will get into a car accident and die on the way there. Gee, my behavior isn't weird is it? I don't take chances anymore. I have learned that yes, it can happen to me—and usually does!

A pal called last night and said she delivered her baby in her midwife’s new Durango on the way to the birthing center. She is one of these extraordinary people who can have natural pregnancies and births. She actually has the option of the hippie home birth and has done it a gazillion times. Freaks like me are required to be hooked up to meds and things in a hospital setting during birth in case anything goes wrong at the culmination of a high risk pregnancy.

My hippy pal said she had labored for hours and the baby just wasn't coming out. Finally, she asked to be taken to the hospital for drugs and a c-section. If you knew this uber hippy woman your eyes would have just popped out. She explained, "Well, I was suffering too much not to see any results after several hours. I just wanted them to cut that baby out of me!"

Cut the baby out?

I told her I knew how she felt.

Her midwife implored her to go to the birth center and try, so she got out of the kiddie pool in her living room and got into the midwife's new Durango. Two miles down the road the baby's head popped out. Oopsie! The value on the Durango immediately dropped. They pulled over and the midwife finished the job.

Congrats, Mama and Baby Durango!

I know a couple more people who get to have their babies in the next few months. And then it's my turn!

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