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Thursday, February 19, 2004

I was having coffee with God this morning when I read something simple yet profound regarding John 2:10, Jesus' first miracle:

"God always saves the best wine until last, but Satan starts with his best and then leads the sinner into suffering and perhaps even death."

I have found this to be so true, particularly in this pregnancy. The worst was first. I had horrible times to go through. I could reject those times and curse everyone around me or I could submit to those times and be a blessing. I could learn nothing and live in deeper sorrow or I could suffer like a dog for a while and then gain character, understanding, perspective, fullness, love, a deeper, more real relationship with God, etc.

Evil says, "Here, here is your solution! The best thing for you right here, right now at this moment! Come, take advantage of this beautiful cure! Why should you suffer? Why should anyone suffer? You can be free! Why wait? Freedom now!"

But oh the deception! The shine on that apple is poison.

God will allow you to suffer, to work your butt off to survive. It will prove you, it will build character in you, it will be anything but easy. But it is for your own good and the good of those around you if you submit and find the sense in your terrible suffering. If you refuse and resist, if you choose the best evil has to offer, you damn yourself to abominable consequences.

It seems so glaringly obvious. It's a quiet, simple truth. It is pure and real and something to hang onto in a lost world full of so much suffering.

Whatever we see, whatever hell we go through, press on. Get your hands dirty, cover them with blisters of faith! God is saving the best for last. Count on it!

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