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Thursday, February 05, 2004

I'm feeling somewhat better. I'm still sick but no throwing up and no more Hershey squirts. Man, I haven't said "Hershey squirts" since high school. Perhaps there's a reason why.

Anyway, I ate dinner last night. It was the first meal I've had since getting sick. It's still hard to eat, so I try to watch TV during meals; it helps me to ignore the food.

I eat at around 7 P.M. when That ‘70s Show comes on. Not the best viewing choice, but it takes my mind off of serious things. "Eric's" real name is Topher, which is the coolest name in history. It's like his parents couldn't decide whether to name him Tofu or Gopher. You have to love it.

I thought, for a millisecond, about naming my daughter Dixie or Cricket, but I couldn't decide between the two, and "Dicket" didn't sound too cool.

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