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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Nothing to tell today. Just another day. I guess I'll rattle a little bit so you don't forget about me.

The little girl is doing well. She tumbles around making womb mischief all the live-long day. She got the hiccups seven different times on Monday. Somewhere before the hundredth hiccup she decided she had had enough. She tried to kick them away. Already a no-nonsense girl.

I have started back on milk products just three days ago. This was a first after the lovely puke/squirt flu. I've been trying to drink strawberry milk, and my stomach just rolls. I wonder what impression this makes on a little girl who can hear every gurgle. Monsters in the closet? She doesn't know the half of it.

The last couple to be due before me just had their baby. It's my turn next. I've got such a long way to go.

Nine and one-half weeks until I can get out of bed and I am counting the days. Who am I kidding? I am counting the MOMENTS!

When I got preggo we bought a new bed. It's an adjustable bed kind of like a hospital bed. I got it in a king and spent over $2,000 thinking it would serve me well during the pregnancy and then just be a luxury afterwards. Now I hate this confounded bed so much! This is the sick bed. I have lived and died in this damnable contraption and all I want is out! This is my prison! I want to burn it! I am going to sell it as soon as Elise is born.

Ugh, I am, as usual, sick to my stomach. On the verge of puking but never quite there anymore. And of course, Elise has the hiccups.

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