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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Saw Dr. Keanu today and the cervix measured in at 3.4 cm! Dr. Keanu said, "Sheesh, how long can a human cervix get?" He said that what is happening to the measurement is "unusual.” Hey, you can’t put God in a box. Keep praying, people!


I start steroid injections tomorrow night. This is going to be a pain in the butt. Literally. We drive 30 minutes to the hospital to get the shot at 10 and have to be there by 10 the next morning for another shot. Then we have to be there at 10 at night for another shot and again for another shot at 10 on Sunday morning. Shots, shots, shots. You wish you could have them, but they are all mine! 2bad4U.

Dr. Keanu said that in addition to maturing Elise's lungs, the shots may also help me eat a little better for a few days.

Going to be up a lot with all these shots. And a glucose test soon. And another Dr.'s appointment in two weeks plus another doctor's appointment three days later for the 4D sonogram. The nurse tried to get me to schedule it for later because she said I'd get better pictures. I told her I wanted it at 28 weeks and she just shook her head.

Everyone (except Dr. Keanu) was really grumpy today at the office. I actually got into a nice little argument with one of the nurses. They are all so disgusted by my huffing and puffing when I walk, because they have no clue what it's like to be on strict bed rest. I lost lots of muscle tone and energy. I take a bath, and I'm so tired I have to sleep for the following 10 hours. They don't get it. They think I'm just trying to get attention. If I wanted to get attention, I would do it in such a way as to elicit positive attention, hello. What I'd like more than anything would be to get no attention. I'd like to be a normal, average preggo, but I don't get to. Ever. So let’s all just deal with it, shall we? I hate to tell them, but the huffing and puffing is just going to get worse as time goes on. I guess they can just sit and stew with their crummy, negative, incorrect assumptions. What a blessing their attitudes will be to them and their sick patients. Bleah.

I ate French fries and a hamburger on the way home. A hamburger with onions no less. Raw onions! I have a feeling I'm going to pay.

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