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Friday, March 05, 2004

Almost 29 weeks pregnant! Phew, this is hard work.

Same stuff, different day. Nothing really to report. Elise is kicking up her heels as I type.

"Hello, all you good people! Thanks for praying for me!"

Oh no. The windows are open and someone is burning leaves. Aargh! If I was normal I would like the smell. But I'm not normal. I'm all pregnant and barfy. And so I don't like the smell. And so—HELP!

OK, this entry is boring.

In keeping with the correspondence theme of the day, here is some more from this morning:

"Dear Husband,

First, WHERE IS MY MUSTARD? I CAN'T EAT SOFT PRETZELS WITHOUT MUSTARD! I told you this morning to GET THE MUSTARD! It's not in the cooler! Ugh!

Second, it's Fish Friday, so prepare to pick up some grouper Monterrey after work.

Third, you are getting spankings for not supplying me with mustard!


The reply:

"Dear Wife,


Heavens to Betsy!!! I forgot one thing this morning!

I'm lucky I have pants on.

Sorry about the mustard.

I love you, and have a good day.:)


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