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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Email I received regarding Santa:

"You guys are so right about the Santa thing. My Mom and Dad taught me not lie. I was punished for telling small fibs. But they told me a big lie for eight years about Santa. I was so disappointed about there being no Santa, but I grew up of course and got over it. So many people forget why we celebrate Christmas. What would everybody do if all the stores closed and everyone's credit cards were declined? Christmas would be doomed!

My family has a tradition that everyone brings a tree ornament and when we all sit at the table for dinner my grandmother reads the Christmas story (the birth of Jesus just to clarify) and every time she says the word "the" during the reading everyone passes his ornament to the right. When the story is over, we get to keep the ornament we are holding. Everyone has grown to enjoy it, and it gives us a chance to hear the true meaning."

We're all hanging in there. Hope you are too.

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