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Sunday, March 21, 2004

My son is sick, so we'll see how long it takes me to contract whatever it is.

I got up before 4 A.M. this morning. Couldn't sleep for whatever reason.

I'm feeling a little emotional lately.

Finished Elise's stocking yesterday. It's cute, but now I'm frightened and slightly depressed that I have nothing else to work on. Time will go slower if I don't do something.

Last year we kept some of the Christmas boxes outside in the shed. The squirrels got in there and ate everything including my husband's stocking. He needs one, and I do have another kit, but it's Santa and who cares about Santa? I want to get rid of it and make him something else with a theme more appropriate for the season.

We don't do Santa. My in-laws think we're nuts. We just decided early on that we didn't want to start out fibbing to our kids. This type of honesty is important to us. People are like, "OMG!" It seems to many to border on abuse.

If a kid never experiences the whole "Santa" thing he doesn't miss it. Our tot has tons of fun on Christmas morning, and we get all the credit to boot! Ha! A perk, not a motivation.

Christmas isn't "Santa" over here. It's Christ's birthday, but He gives us all the presents including the biggest one: Himself.

So we don't do "Santa." Big deal. Our kid is learning to trust us and knows that Christmas is about Christ. If it were about "Santa" it would be called "Santamas."

Love to all.

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