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Saturday, March 06, 2004

The night before last I had a dream that I delivered my baby in an early induction, and they immediately took her away from me due to prematurity. Only, they didn't ever bring her back and she seemingly went AWOL in the hospital. They told me she died, but later I found out that they gave her to another woman who had long since gone.

Last night I dreamed I was an elementary school teacher again having a party for my class at my old house. Of course my parents were still alive in the dream.

We had balloons and were making "Bubble Buddies" like on Spongebob. We were eating suckers and having a fun time. One child, a boy, was emotionally challenged and was making holes in the ceiling by throwing his sucker up against it; the stick would embed itself into the soft ceiling tiles. I got angry and scolded him, promising to take him home and have a chat with his mother. He withdrew into a stubborn shell of silence.

I drove him home only to find that he lived in a wall-less shanty with no electricity or running water. Just outside the shanty was a smaller bivouac. Horrified, I peeked in to see a toddler sleeping on a table, only—was he sleeping?

I looked at his cherubic face and it was wrinkled, like an apple head doll, from dehydration. I was screaming that he was dead when he flinched. He “woke up” and told me his mommy was dead. I peeled away the flap that was the entrance to the shanty, and there she lay with the purple-blue mottle of death all over her dumb face. Her legs intersected another pair of dead legs belonging to an older man.

The mother corpse sat up, and I begged her to take the little one in for fluids as he would soon surely die. She consented and whisked him away leaving her older son standing quietly at my side.

Needless to say, my concern over my mother's damaged ceiling tiles waned significantly, and I woke up with a heavy heart.

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