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Friday, March 12, 2004

Pica rears its ugly head. Pica is Latin for "magpie," a bird that will eat almost anything. For me, pica started about a week ago. There was no suggestion or mention of pica. I just started having weird cravings and then remembered pica, which I've never understood until now. Pica is the craving of non-food items. I've never had this before and have to say that I know it's weird, but I simply can't help what I'm craving.

I would like nothing better than to sit down to a bowl filled to the rim with cat litter. And not the clumping kind either, but the kind with the big, shale-type flecks. Ohhhhh, ungh, nothing sounds better! I'd top it off with two new pieces of school chalk, white. I'd like to break a clay pot and nibble on the shards for a snack. I'd absolutely drool over a cup or so of those little plaster dooley balls all over the ceiling. Oh man, that sounds almost as good as cat litter! In between meals I'd just like to suck rocks. Mmmmm!

I know I can't eat these items so I don't, but if I could, believe me, I would! Instead I eat a soft pretzel with big pretzel salt grains on top and I pretend the salt is cat litter, yummy, delicious cat litter! I can't have much of this obviously, being that it's salt. However, for the moment it's delightful.

I go to the doctor's today, and I will ask him to test my blood for iron deficiency or some mineral deficiency that may be causing the cravings.

Pica is weird and just one more part of the extreme bizarreness of this pregnancy. I can't wait until it's over. In the mean time, what I wouldn't give for a heaping bowl of Tidy Cat!

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