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Monday, March 15, 2004

Went to see Doc on Friday. Nothing much to tell. He said a test two weeks ago showed I am still anemic, but he wasn't surprised as I have had nutritional deficiencies ever since the HG. He tried to give me some iron pills in a blister pack, but I didn't want to bring them home as iron is one of the leading causes of fatal poisoning in children under six. He looked at me in cock-eyed surprise. "Really?" the father of a two-year-old asked. Oy! "Hello, how can you be a doctor and not know that?!" I questioned.

"Well," says he, "just put them where he can't get them."

"I'm on bed rest," I remind him, "If they're out of his reach, they're out of my reach, so what's the point?"

He thinks I'm just being difficult, but that's OK. He knows me by now. For instance, as I was waddling down the hall to the exam room I met him in the hallway. He looked at me and started laughing.

"Eh, what's the problem here?" I demanded pseudo-snippily.

He just laughed more. It’s great to actually like your doctor!

Went today to try to get better 4D pictures. Snuggle Butt was snuggling even more than before. We got nothin’. I don't care. I think it's cute that already she's being "difficult.” She is saying, "Hey, be patient. Wait on me. This is my private time growing with God; it's nunya business!"

The sonographer was truly sorry. She kept apologizing because we don't get our money back or anything. I was tickled. She said I was the only one this had ever happened to and that all her other patients did very well on their second try. I'm so special!

Or rather, Elise is so special!

Having "stitches" in my tummy today. Uncomfortable. Hope it's nothing. Feels like something is ripping.

Hanging in there.

I have had an earworm for the last three days. An earworm is a song that gets in your head and refuses to leave. When you feel one coming on you are supposed to punch yourself in the throat to kill it, but I neglected to do so. Therefore, Who Am I by Casting Crowns is all up in my head feasting on my brain. Evidently there's more up there than I thought. I mean, three days!


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