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Wednesday, March 31, 2004


This morning I woke up at 3 A.M. with such a pain in my left, lower abdomen. I could barely breathe. I tried to turn over to make it go away. No dice. I tried to get up to make it go away. No dice; it hurt so bad I couldn't get out of bed. Breathing, breathing, trying to breathe through it. Scary. I called my husband, but I'm in an adjustable, hospital-type bed, and he's snoring away in the next room. He didn't hear me.

Finally, I was able to get up and go to him. The pain was awful but only on the left side. It waxed and waned just like birthing contractions, the real ones. For a second there I thought we were going to have to go to triage. They seemed to be getting better when Elise got very active. So much so that it scared my husband.

"Does she always move around like this?" he asked.

I didn't want to say, because if something is wrong, I don't want to be the one who said, "Everything's fine." She did seem rather active to me. She was rolling around and got the hiccups. She seemed agitated, but perhaps she didn't like being woken up to yelling and being strangely squeezed on one side. I dunno.

At any rate, I'm lying here in the dark two hours later, much better, yet kind of uncomfortably crampy at times, wondering what happened, how Elise is and when this all will end.

Elise hiccupped over 200 times before falling asleep, but of course, since I typed that she has kicked me twice and rolled once to let me know that she is awake and I am wrong. Oh boy! I can see the teen years now.

I still want to tell you about the tree outside my window. Also, the other day my husband suggested that I compose a list of all the unfun things I've been through in this pregnancy. I'll share that too but not right now.

I need to detox from the daily global wave of bad news reported by various online news agencies. I need to go and breathe.

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