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Thursday, May 20, 2004

I would like to post a special thank you today to two online pals who I have never even met!

One, a dear sweet woman who just sent me a big box (and I mean BIG) of the cutest baby girl outfits imaginable (plus tupperware, PLUS my favorite Weleda baby care products, PLUS a beautiful cottony nursing gown PLUS...) and who has prayed for Elise and I for months and often sent cheering emails/im's...

and the other, a fella who defies all concept generalization by being both a New York attorney AND a rational, compassionate human being. This sneaky knucklehead really surprised me by paying for my private hospital room after the birth of little Elise. He also kept me busy with endless conversation on many dull days of bedrest.

To my special pals who have gone above and beyond to make me feel supported and cared for...


I don't deserve good friends like you, but I thank God for bringing you into my life.

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